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528 Hz Transformation And Miracles (Dna Repair) Quantum Frequencies
528 Hz Solfeggio Transformation Meditation Quantum Frequencies
528 Hz Solfeggio Transformation Meditation Quantum Frequencies
528 Hz Solfeggio Transformation Meditation Quantum Frequencies
528 Hz Solfeggio Transformation Meditation Quantum Frequencies
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, 528 Hz Transformation And Miracles (Dna Repair) Quantum Frequencies
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, 528 Hz Solfeggio Transformation Meditation Quantum Frequencies
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, 528 Hz Solfeggio Transformation Meditation Quantum Frequencies
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, 528 Hz Solfeggio Transformation Meditation Quantum Frequencies
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, 528 Hz Solfeggio Transformation Meditation Quantum Frequencies

528 Hz Solfeggio DNA Activation Quantum Frequencies

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The Frequency You Must Have for Transformation, Love and Miracles

“These frequencies have completely turned my life around and opened the doors to opportunities and lucky coincidences.. It’s inexplicable!” - Devin V.

Do you feel stuck in your life?

Have you been wanting to make a real, lasting change for good?

Are you frustrated and tired of the same old routine everyday?

And you feel there are negatives blocks that are keeping you from your full potential…

You know you deserve a better life so you have tried all sorts of self-help courses, affirmations, personal coaches and programs and you still don’t feel you are at where you should be...

You have heard from people like Dr. Joe Dispenza and Christie Marie Sheldon about changing your frequency, but you are confused about exactly what frequency you should be tuning to and how…

Well here’s the news that will change your life forever!

Your wait and search is over!

These precise and powerful frequencies that will get you to abundance is right here...

How To Attract Abundance Into Your Life

With these incredible frequencies, you can:

  • Attract abundance into your life
  • Magnetize positive people and events
  • Protect yourself against bad luck
  • Remove negative energy
  • Remove mental and emotional blocks
  • Attract positive energy
  • Instantly better mood and happiness
  • Boost your luck
  • Develop a resilient mind
  • Make better decisions
  • Keep your mind focused
  • Keep you motivated
  • Make you calm and confident
  • Successfully accomplish your goals
  • Manifest anything you want

Not Only That, You’re About to Discover…

  1. ➡️

    How to actualize self-happiness without unhealthy habits or validation from others…

  2. ➡️

    How to identify the blockages in your life without going through meditation courses or retreats…

  3. ➡️

    How to develop a strong willpower and purpose without needing a coach or motivational courses…

While this also gives you the ability to…

This collection essentially entrains your overall state of success in business and financial stability. This will give you the capacity to achieve success whether in career or in business. This programming will help in attraction of more customers and increased revenue and resources. Will boost business growth and provide unlimited source energy to keep the business flourishing and successful.

528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency List:

Quantum Frequency

528 Hz Solfeggio DNA Activation Quantum Frequencies

  • 528 Sine
  • 528 Slow Pulse
  • 528 Steady Pulse
  • 528 Fast Pulse
  • 528 Rotating Pulse
  • 528 Saw Triangle Pulse
  • 528 Square
  • 528 Square Trance
  • 528 Square Sine Pulse
  • 528 Sawtooth

What does listening to 528 Hz do?

Staying in tune to this special frequency aligns your energy and the universal energy to bring harmony around you. Specially known as the “love frequency”, it’s effective for rebuilding lost love and relationships.

  • Specially used to rebuild DNAs
  • As the “love frequency” it can be used to rebuild broken relationships, marriages and broken homes
  • Balance Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Enhance your self-confidence
  • Restores equilibrium and balance on anything around it
  • Brings harmony and peace to everything around it
  • Uplifts your energy
  • Recommended for sound sleep as its special effect in harmonizing your environment takes charge on other frequencies around it
  • Activate your creativity

The attractive nature of these powers and abilities in the different frequencies of Solfeggio is that they can be profoundly found in Solfeggio frequencies.

This Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Witnessed or Heard of Before!!!

Powerful Audio Frequencies That Contain Mathematical Representations of States of Consciousness. Emotions and Physical Well Being.

This is NOT- Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, HemiSync, Affirmations, Subliminal Vocalizations, or Hypnosis.

What are Higher Quantum Frequencies?

They are 4 dimensional frequencies, that harness the power of nature!

Quantum Frequency

World's Most Advanced Neuro Programs

Up to 5000 neural data signals per program. Competitor devices typically have 1-5 per program. We go beyond conventional PEMF frequencies and have developed hundreds of programs called “quantum frequencies” that produce many specific psychological, emotional and biological states.

Quantum Frequency

Molecular Mapping

All molecules have weight and geometry, by uncovering the active compounds in a substance, we can create a frequency profile for each compound and combine them to replicate its effects.

Quantum Frequency

Brainwave EEG sampling

Using a specific combination or sequences of frequencies can induce predictable responses in the brain. Where conventional devices will claim they can calibrate your brainwaves to states such as alpha, delta or theta, we take a giant a leap forward and program your mind for more precise states like calm, confident, positive, peaceful, creative, mindful

Quantum Frequency

Electromagnetic Noise Displacement

All substances, all our cells, and even our DNA emit an electromagnetic signature. By decoding these frequencies, we can alter how they interact with each other.

Quantum Frequency

Qi Life Proprietary Algorithms

With over 10 years of research, we have discovered unique ways for creating experiences in the mind and body through frequency. Integrating a culmination of multi-disciplinary approaches and hyper-dimensional math, we are able to create dynamic numerical models of distinct states of well-being, which are then composed into our higher quantum frequencies

How Do You Use Them?

  1. 1

    Choose a frequency that you desire and listen to the sounds with or without headphones.

  2. 2

    Use the Qi Coils for added power that converts the sound to magnetic energy.

  3. 3

    Use them during work, before sleep, while meditating, to relax or anytime at your convenience.

  4. 4

    Witness your own positive changes and just repeat the process!

How Will This Work For You?

Science has shown that our brain and body respond to electromagnetic frequencies.

Using our technology, you are able to communicate with your cells instantly.

With the different collections of frequencies we have at your disposal, you now have the power and control to dictate the life you want ahead of you.

The Best Investment - Is There A Price Too High For Happiness?

You might say that no one can put a price on happiness because true happiness is different for everyone. And that’s true. But what we can help and do here is to guide you to finding your own happiness!

A good and healthy physical & mental wellness will give you the capacity to achieve success whether in your career, relationship, and life.

Many people live with stress and they don’t realize that stress can slowly chip away at their health…

This is why stress is a major contributing factor to the six leading causes of death - making it the number one killer in the world.

To combat this, we put a huge emphasis on relieving stress in our frequencies.

Just look at the other alternative out there in the market…

A gym membership could easily set aside $500 a year…

While the medical cost has risen to $10,600 per person every year...

You don’t have to even work out the math to see how tremendous the savings is if you were to purchase this collection right now that you can use forever.

What Our Customers Experienced With These Frequencies...

“As I listened to the track, I was amazed at the almost instantaneous response I had. I experienced a sort of phase shifting as I felt as though my energetic self was moving out and back again into my psychic space”

- Jonathan S.

“Very, very blissful and it brought me back into focus and I've experienced that thoughtless calm”

- Tim D.

“Very powerful. I´ve been active every minute!! I´m VERY impressed, and not a bit tired yet”

- Anthony A.

Why This Is The Future of Medicine…

1 Simple, Safe, and Convenient

The frequencies can be enjoyed on their own, with Qi Coils or both at the same time. Includes MP3 download and it will be unlocked in Qi Coil App to use it forever.

2 Be Your Own Healer

The regenerative power of the PEMF technology can finally restore the wellness you need in your life to live.

3 Non-invasive, Natural

Our PEMF technology is an all-natural way to transform yourself without having to resort to invasive methods.

4 For Practitioners or Families

Recommended for practitioners or anyone who wants to improve overall wellness. It is an essential toolbox for all the wellness needs of you and your family.

If you want to experience a change in the energy around you, attract miracles, good luck and love, then experience it with the 528 Hz Solfeggio Transformation Meditation frequency!

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