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Resonant Wave Distributor License
Resonant Wave Distributor License
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E-Commerce Distributor Program

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Do you own a Qi Coil™?


Create Wealth & Abundance By Transforming Lives

With a Turnkey E-commerce Business

Become a Qi Life Distributor Today


Limited Time and Availability! Only 1 Distributor Per Region.

Get a Business-in-a-Box that Generates Revenue Online

  1. ✔️

    Learn digital marketing from the professionals

  2. ✔️

    Get your very own e-commerce website

  3. ✔️

    Add an additional stream of income to your business

  4. ✔️

    Offer cutting-edge technology to your network

  5. ✔️

    Earn a 30% commission on all referral sales

Capture The $404 Billion Alternative Health Industry By 2027

Do you currently have an energy healing or alternative wellness practice that you’re looking to add income to?

Are you interested in starting a business that turns profit right away?

Do you want to learn how to do marketing online and sell an amazing array of transformational frequency technologies?

Do you want to share these revolutionary healing technologies with your network?

Make Extra Income From Home

...with a proven business model and marketing strategy by selling transformational energy devices online and to your own network.

Full Training Provided No Experience Necessary!


  1. ✔️

    Ongoing Online Distributor Training And Support Webinars

  2. ✔️

    1-On-1 Business Setup, Product Training And Coaching

  3. ✔️

    Add an additional stream of income to your business

  4. ✔️

    Tech Support 7 Days Per Week

  5. ✔️

    1-3 Year Limited Warranties

Why Becoming a Qi Life Distributor Is an Opportunity of a Lifetime...


Create Abundance By Helping Others!

Learn and earn by helping others achieve total wellness!


Join The Holistic Health Revolution

More people each day are dissatisfied with conventional medicine and are seeking alternative health solutions. Now you can offer the latest technology and services.


Proven Business Model

No Inventory, we can ship directly to customers, our advanced marketing systems can attract customers to you automatically.


Professional Training and Support Provided

Receive Certification with Ongoing Light Stream Practitioner as well as distributor business development training from our team of experts!


Add Frequency Technology To Your Business

Offer a new dimension of health and wellness to your clients and stay ahead of the competition


Your Success is Our Success!

Join our dynamic family of Distributors, Practitioners, and Educators and transform your income and business my making a difference together!

What's Included in Your Distributor Package?

You Get Wholesale Pricing on All Qi Life & Resonant Wave Products AND Everything Listed Below!

Included: Value
Qi Coil™ Mini Twin System $495.00
Qi Coil™ 3S System $3,395.00
Qi Coil™ MAX System $3,995.00
Resonant Wand Gold System $6,995.00

Aura Coil™ 2 Gold Sapphire (24")  $6,995.00
Resonant Console 4 (x 2) $11,990.00
Sacred Staff of Legends $5,151.00
Gem Laser Ultimate System
Qi Energy Cards Combo $299
Wholesale Pricing (30% on all Products) Priceless
1-3 Year Warranty on All Products Included

Online Courses & Memberships Included:
Lifetime Inner Circle Membership and Frequency Collection $7,922.00
Transformation Course $1,997.00
Practitioner Course $497.00

All Frequencies Included:

Entire Higher Quantum Frequency Collection $5,680.00
Entire Quantum Frequency Collection $3,363.00
Coverage (Maximum 1 Distributor per Area)
Exclusive Region (Particular city or county depending on population size) Priceless
Geographic Customer Referral Network
Access to the widest range of cutting edge technologies Priceless
Automatic access to future product releases Priceless
Automated eCommerce Storefront $10,000.00
Online Marketing & E-commerce Package $5,000.00

Annual Fees
License, Training and Tech Support Fee $3,000.00
(Can be waived with revenue targets)

Total Value $81,364.00

Our Marketing System

Automated eCommerce Storefront ($10,000.00 Value)

High Quality Graphics and Image Assets (Included)

Turn-Key Marketing System (Included)

Proven Advertising Campaigns (Included)

Pre-written Email Campaigns (Included)

eCommerce & Social Media Training Tutorials (Included)

Online Marketing & E-commerce Package ($5,000.00 Value)

7 Days a Week Technical Support (Included)

Your Investment
$80,499 $49,995
$29,995 ONLY

Earn Big While Making a Difference...

Apply To Become A Licensed Distributor Now

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We will be there to support you

You can always get in touch with your rep, and our support team who are dedicated to ensuring our customers have a flawless experience.

So you can rest assured, that we'll be there to help you with any questions that come up or concerns that you have up throughout your partnership with us.

Stop wondering where you next opportunity is going to come from

Affiliates v/s Distributor Program comparison


Potential Commissions From Distributor Program (Sample 1)


Potential Commissions From Distributor Program (Sample 2)


Success From David Wong's Students

“I run multiple online businesses and make over $150,000 / mo with my wife”

- Tyler Devi.

“By applying what he taught me, I have been generating over 7 figures of revenue every year just working part-time”

- Andrew M.

So apply now while this opportunity is still available

Almost all business is being done online, and the percentage of ecommerce sales in comparison to brick and mortar is only going up. Do you want to get left behind in the new digital economy?

This is your chance to start making an extra five, ten or twenty THOUSAND dollars a month in passive income by selling transformational energy healing products online with a proven, turn-key system.

But there is a limited number of distributors that our team can support, and there is only 1 distributor allowed per region.

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