Qi Coil™ 3s with Matrix Hexagon Setup - (6 Stand) – QiEnergyTech.com
Qi Coil™ 3s with Matrix Hexagon Setup - (6 Stand)
Qi Coil™ 3s with Matrix Hexagon Setup - (6 Stand)
Qi Coil™ 3s with Matrix Hexagon Setup - (6 Stand)
Qi Coil™ 3s with Matrix Hexagon Setup - (6 Stand)
Qi Coil™ 3s with Matrix Hexagon Setup - (6 Stand)
  • Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Qi Coil™ 3s with Matrix Hexagon Setup - (6 Stand)
  • Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Qi Coil™ 3s with Matrix Hexagon Setup - (6 Stand)
  • Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Qi Coil™ 3s with Matrix Hexagon Setup - (6 Stand)
  • Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Qi Coil™ 3s with Matrix Hexagon Setup - (6 Stand)
  • Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Qi Coil™ 3s with Matrix Hexagon Setup - (6 Stand)

Qi Coil™ 3s with Matrix Hexagon Setup - (6 Stand)

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Transcend Reality

What level of consciousness are you?

0. Ordinary “no qi energy”
1. Amateur healers, remote viewers “weak qi energy
2. Qigong Masters, pranic healers “strong qi energy”
3. Spiritual healers, adepts “spiritual healing”
4. Avatars, adepts, “Neo” “higher dimensional consciousness”

Rediscovering an Ancient Force

Energy A Bridge Between Science and Consciousness

Quantum Mechanics, Gravity, Electromagnetism,Nuclear Forces

The Science of Remote Energy Healing

Effect of Energy Healing on Cancer Recovery in Mice

Results from experiment in apply "healing energy" to mice infected with incurable cancer. Mice in a separate area all died.

Master Jixing Li - Stopping Cancer 3,000 Miles Away

Jixing Li is a gifted Qigong master who has born and trained in China, but now lives in the United States. Qigong is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is similar to Pranic Healing in the subtle energy, Qi, is transmitted to a recipient for healing. From his office in California, he conducted long distance experiments with Prof. John Neely, M.D., whose laboratory is at Penn State University in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The details are described in a recent scientific paper, and the work is ongoing (Neely, 2008).

Growth in Control Incubator initial time period. Treatment energy is being sent to to the other incubator, the treatment incubator during this time period. Note exponential growth, which is expected.

What are torsion fields / Scalar Waves?

Torsion fields are suggested by some scientists to provide a mechanism whereby energy can be transferred over vast distances, outside of the conventional electromagnetic spectrum. Scalar waves have been researched as well, and scalar wave has an interesting characteristic in that both the magnitude and frequency of the wave remain constant over distance.

Vortex Mechanics and Yin Yang Polarity Spins

When a particle accelerates rapidly, it leaves behind in its wake ripples from its rotating energy pattern. When it moves at a constant speed, the incoming and outgoing ripples are in balance, but when accelerating, the particle is no longer where the returning waves "thought" it would be. As a result, ripples are left behind resembling tiny vortexes of flow in the vacuum.

When a spinning particle accelerates or changes in spin direction, its radiation field of outgoing and incoming energy is also changed. This can be thought of as creating tiny whirlpools of vacuum energy that is no longer compensated. This gives rise to additional "twisting" or torsion in the space itself.

Effects of Yin Coil and Yang Coil

What is Phase Conjugation?

Phase conjugation is originally and classically understood in the optics literature. You take pairs of laser beams precisely approaching in opposite directions. If they meet (and conjugate') perfectly - then at the center - they Phase Conjugate. So how do lasers meet to conjugate? When they meet in precise opposing pairs - this is often called four-way mixing. 

Getting opposing exactly phase-locked laser beams to align this way, is very tricky, and very expensive because you need alignment accuracy down to angstrom levels. We have often suggested that the best way to visualize how wavefronts meet to phase conjugate is to visualize pine cones learning to kiss noses.

What is the matrix?

The Matrix is a building block, a scalar-wave template. Each Matrix block goes with each dimensional level and holds the mathematical geometrical program for each dimensional level. Within the Matrix are lines linking the Matrix Centers; these are called Matrix Lines. These key links between the Matrix Centers carry the information from one center to the next, effectively carrying the information from one dimensional level to another.

When functioning properly, the Matrix Lines connect each harmonic and dimension of consciousness to the other and govern synchronization of cycles of time within the dimensional fields and within the morphogenetic field, DNA and body rhythms of dimensionalized forms.

By having Qi coils, positioned on the Qi Coil Matrix, and with opposite spin density directions, it produces a conjugate field that cascades into a focal point by utilizing nature golden mean ratio (Phi), allowing for the adding, multiply, steering, and collapse (centripetal) of our frequency-modulated electromagnetic healing waveforms.

The resultant longitudinal/compressional EMF is demonstrably superluminal / faster than light, enabling remote action at a distance. This "way out" (thru lightspeed) for a charge during perfect non-destructive conjugate implosive charge compression - is the mechanism/cause of gravity, electronegativity, life force, consciousness, ALL negentropy.

Qi Coil Matrix Configurations

The Qi Coil Bio-effect

QiCoil also harnesses the precise frequencies and hardware for the production of longitudinal wave acceleration, which creates a broad spectral phase conjugation and implosive “bio-energy” which is the scientific definition for life, order, self-awareness, perception, memory and rejuvenation. In fact, the bio-energy effect on the cells and tissues of the body, is the only scientific definition we have of “Healing and Rejuvenation” and “Anti-Aging”.

Using a GDV camera, we measured the bio-energy from an individual who was a post-cancer survivor, after 30 minutes of exposure to our technology, their bio-energy readings increased by 27%. The fuller and thicker energy patterns seen in the image on the right clearly shows the gaps in the person's energy field filling up and a larger, stronger field resulting from the session.

The Source of Life and “Base-12” Matrix

The Egyptians used a duo-decimal (base 12) number system and it’s said to be template for all life and creation.

The Matrix Grid has 6 Centers, each center carries the designed core intent, the core template for what will manifest at that dimensional level in creation. The Matrix Centers are condensed scalar-wave points that hold the core electro-tonal geometrical mathematical program for dimensionalized structure. They carry the core coding that will condition all the rest of manifest creation.

The Matrix Centers set the template for each dimension to ground consciousness within the holographic experience of manifestation. So, it is a key structure, a key tool by means of which Source puts structure into creation puts consciousness into manifestation, where the core coding is stored for the bodies that house our consciousness in creation.

The Power of “Base-12”

  • Each Qi Coil matrix system has Qi Coils
  • Each Qi Coil Max has:
    • 12 x 2 layers of windings
    • 6 Quantanium crystals
    • 6 sides of each Quantanium crystal
  • Each Qi Coil 3s has
    • 12 layers of windings
    • 3 Quantanium crystals
    • 6 sides of each Quantanium crystal


  • 3x Qi Coil™ 3s Yin
  • 3x Qi Coil™ 3s Yang
  • 2x Mobile Power Kit
  • Connection Kit
  • 3x Therapy Magnet Set

Merkaba: The Template for Scalar Energy

Mer = God Force Movement;
Ka = Force Expression;
Ba = Body or Vehicle.

Universal Life Force Currents enter the body via Merkaba Fields, the 2 cones of the Chakra move through each other to form a dimensional Merkaba Field of two counter-rotating spirals of electromagnetic energy that take the form of a star tetrahedron. ds, through which activation of DNA strands and de-densification
of matter occurs.

The Secret To Manifestation and Bending Reality

The Life Force Currents flow from the Matrix Grid and DNA Template into manifestation via Merkaba Field Circulation. This is done by downstepping frequency from the Primal Light and Sound Fields into the densities in a process called the Radial Body Transduction-Manifestation Sequence. This complex process explains how we accrete frequencies into our personal templates, giving us the experience of space and time.

A simple way to understand this process is that the Merkaba circulates energy/consciousness down from our Primal Light Fields into our DNA Template. Our DNA acts as the projector; projecting the down stepped Life Force Currents onto our spherical Radial Body, which acts as the projection screen that bounces the frequencies back to us, giving us the experience of our 3-dimensional hologram. Any distortions held within our Radial Bodies will be reflected back to us as distortions within our hologram.

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