Astral Projection Teleportation –
Astral Projection Teleportation | Psychic Ability Bundle
Astral Projection Teleportation Higher Quantum Frequencies
Astral Projection Teleportation Higher Quantum Frequencies
Astral Projection Teleportation Higher Quantum Frequencies
Astral Projection Teleportation Higher Quantum Frequencies
  • Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Astral Projection Teleportation | Psychic Ability Bundle
  • Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Astral Projection Teleportation Higher Quantum Frequencies
  • Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Astral Projection Teleportation Higher Quantum Frequencies
  • Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Astral Projection Teleportation Higher Quantum Frequencies
  • Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Astral Projection Teleportation Higher Quantum Frequencies

Astral Projection Teleportation

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Access a higher dimension of consciousness & activate your astral projection teleportation abilities.. Start drawing all good things automatically. This powerful frequency will help you in your life healing journey of meditation & mindfulness.

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Create Extremely High Ordering And Structuring In Consciousness

May replicate some significant characteristics expected from organic tissue in a superconductive highly coherent energetic state, such as that which; Reduces internal noise in body-mind, transforms into super fluidic, superconducting quantum coherency. Properties allow simultaneous " fluidic " order and a high degree of unity. Supports elements of body-mind to behave holistically as one. Reduces "noise" or interference between separate parts of the self. May cause biological tissue to emit a weak glow when stimulated at the right amplitudinal energy level and duration. Cell dipoles are normally out of phase and arrange themselves in a disordered way.

Via stimulation of this frequency, they may begin to oscillate or move intensely, possibly broadcast tiny signals of coherency. At a certain critical level, the cell wall molecular dipoles may all line up and come into phase. Sudden oscillation in unison as if sudden mass coordination of all cells is occurring may be noted.

Creates emergent quantum field May induce phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing. Possible externalization of neural structure from inside the body, outwards energetically. The body and mind becoming highly coherent and whole and connecting to the universe.

  • Supports elements of body-mind to behave holistically as one
  • Remove interference between separate parts of the self
  • Reduces internal noise in body-mind

Install the State of Consciousness You Desire to Be "ON" During Any Venture, Business Activity Instantly!

Powerful Audio Frequencies That Contain Mathematical Representations of States of Consciousness. Emotions and Physical Well Being.

This is NOT- Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, HemiSync, Affirmations, Subliminal Vocalizations, or Hypnosis.

This Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Witnessed or Heard of Before!!! 

  • Instantly experience emotions and feelings of being lucky and in the flow by simply listening to special audio frequencies that you play as MP3 files.
  • Create powerful feelings immediately of success and knowing' everything is going to general!) work out just the way you want it.
  • Induce internal patterns of behaviour that draw and magnetize fortunate events, contacts and outcomes to you.
  • Frequency Driven Behaviour Entrainment to Optimize Peak Performance

What are Higher Quantum Frequencies?

They are the Next Level of Frequencies that harness the Power of 4 Dimensions

  1. Rife Frequencies are Single Frequencies (1 Dimension)
  2. Binaural Beats are 2 Frequencies (2 Dimension)
  3. Quantum Frequencies are Multiple Frequencies (3 Dimension)
  4. Higher Quantum Frequencies are Dynamic Layers of Fields of Intention (4 Dimension)

More of Just a Few of Hundreds of Testimonials :

"...The first time I played it on my MP3 player and walked around. I started bumping into half a dozen people I know in a single afternoon. Must be just a coincidence, I thought. It can't be this remarkable!”

"..a group I barely know offered me free use of an incredibly expensive piece of technology that should be quite instrumental in helping the healing process for my 'stuff' overall. AND they just gave me about 5300.00 worth of very rare very valuable medical research related documents.”

"...I think I have some "Good Luck" to report with the good luck frequencies. I won 8 dinners for two in AZ at some really nice resturants. I was picked out of 6,500 entries. That's pretty good odds. “

"..lve been hearing Luck Boost during the last week 50 minutes by day, 25 minutes in the morning, and 25 minutes before go to sleep. Apparent results= 5 new client, invitation to participate in a new research funded by a local NGO about forest floral remedies in a partnership with a local indian tribe.interesting i was a bit tired of my daily routine and now im working almost full day"

"When I play this, emotionally I 'feel' lucky... and have noticed that reasonable exposure seems to set my frame of mind to an expectation of good things will happen…"

"...I started to noticed what seemed like spontaneous rapid changes in my physical experiences with my environment in others, shortly after listening to the frequnecies. Some examples, - Finding parking spots in places and during times. that I NEVER come across for months and months at a time, and this happening quite a bit - Running into people I like quite a bit who I havent seen in a long long time, or rather having people approach me in a really friendly manner, the place I live in. well the locals are not on average terribly pleasant people, and Im not the only one to think this.... - Finding money on the ground, having bad luck take strange twists that turn out good some how….

“Just to tell you that after hearing a loop sequence of the Success Bundle Frequencies during 4 days, like 2 hours by day, i had the follow events in my life; increasing number of Astrology clients, 7 ex pupils from the university from where im retired, came to my house and asked me orientation regarding their last article to get the university degree what means a good extra money

"The shop has only been open for 16 months, and generally it's been touch and go to even stay open. There have been plenty of days when no one comes in at all. It has gotten a little better in the past 4 months; enough for me to squeak by. But yesterday I had several sales, and one customer bought quite a bit of merchandise. So its possible that the Harmony frequencies are helping. Ill be curious to try them again, and see if this is consistent.”

"Hi, and thanks! It made my day, made me much more positive and made me see possibilities. rather than obstacles. Good one!" 

The first thing came to my mind was that it might be related to the emotion you go through when you are so content of something you accomplished or did; something that is registered in your subconscious as a tangible success indicator. But, now I think it is more than that. I think it attempts to trigger or stir your universal mind. which has always been present but covered since a long time with thick blankets of collective conscious!’

"I have a feeling that this frequency works on the RIGHT BRAIN, which is responsible of imagination, feeling, symbols. philosophy and religion .. etc I've noticed that the background sound of this frequency goes directly to the right side of my head, and when the pressure or the throbbing starts, it starts there. “

This Frequency is Included in David Wong's Inner Circle!

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Purchasing this product listing will also unlock the frequency(ies) in the Qi Coil app after 48 hours.

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